Credit Restoration Services

Whether you need credit repair to get approved, or lower your interest rate to save you thousands… We can help.

Credit Reports
With Errors
AAA Rating
Better Business Bureau
Average Increase
In Ninety Days

Let us help repair your credit

How The Process Works

1. We sit down with you to learn your specific financial needs and goals.

2. Once enrolled, negative Items that lower your credit score are identified, oftentimes there are errors on the reports as well.

3. Those negative items are then challenged in a formal letter to the three big reporting agencies, using laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act as leverage.

4. The law requires Credit bureaus to prove the challenged items within a reasonable amount of time, or they are must be removed. Deleting these negative items typically results in a higher score.

5. The online system allows you to track progress in real time. Our personal guidance of your financial situation, helps you keep that healthy credit score.