When you are looking to buy your next house but have not sold your current home, our bridge loan helps you “bridge” that gap.
Our unique Bridge Loan Program will allow you to buy that next home without selling your current home first.
Now you can write a non-contingent sales contract on the home you are buying, even if your current home has not sold yet. This puts you in the strongest bargaining position and ahead of your competition on the home of your dreams!
  • Eliminates the Home Sale Contingency and allows buyers to purchase their next home by using the equity in their current property.
  • Secured by a first mortgage on both homes with a maximum of 80% Loan-To-Value (LTV).
  • The interest rate is based on one percent (1%) below the current prime interest rate, which is an extremely low rate and makes this Bridge Loan very affordable!
  • The loan is interest only for a 12 month period….allowing you 1 full year to sell your current home. Sufficient time in any market!

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